Born on a family farm in upstate New York, Mr. Prvrt is a multidisciplinary artist who brings together the rural and the urban. With over 15 years experience, he has painted murals across the United States, and his fine art work has been exhibited around the world. 

Celebrating the majesty of wildlife, he paints flora and fauna flawlessly over concrete and brick.  The animals he paints spring to life, drawing the viewer into the world of his paintings.  Mr. Prvrt brings the intensity of a raptor to his artistic endeavors as well as to his work as a valued handler of birds of prey at Wild Wings Animal Sanctuary outside Rochester, NY.  Drawing on his intimate interaction with his subjects, he is able to capture the majesty of the natural world through his explosive graphics and remarkable technique.  He also works well with humans, with a rich history of collaborating with other artists on a vast array of murals and installations.  


- WALL/THERAPY 2015 -Rochester, NY

- Soho House Murals -Chicago, IL

- Centre-fuge Public Art Project -Staten Island, NY

- Welling Court Mural Project -Queens, NY

- Moonrise Festival -Baltimore, MD

- The Bushwick Collective -Brooklyn, NY

- Get Upstate -Ithaca, NY


Centre-fuge Public Art Project -Miami, FL -Manhattan, NY

-Art Basel 2014 -Miami, FL

 -Savage Habbit Mural Project -Jersey City, NJ

-Dodworth St. Mural Project -Brooklyn, NY

-Essencia Art Collective -Toronto, Ontario, Canada

-The Bushwick Collective -Brooklyn, NY

-BBoy BBQ 2014 -Rochester, NY

-The Hudson Project -Saugerties, NY

-Welling Court Mural Project -Queens, NY

2015   -One Art Space, "Attack the Block: Street Art in America" -Manhattan, NY

2015   -Vertical Gallery, "2 for 2" - Chicago, Illionois

2014   -Low Brow Artique, "Brooklyn Zoo" (solo show) -Brooklyn, NY

2014   -1975 Gallery, "All Things Wild & Free" (solo show) -Rochester, NY 

2013   -Gallery 1988 Venice, "The Humorist" -Los Angeles, CA

2012   -Gallery 1988 Melrose, "A Tribute to Judd Apatow" -Los Angeles, CA

2008   -Art Whino, "Stencil" -National Harbor, MD

2007   -Albany International Airport, "Natural Selection" -Albany, NY

2006   -Yvez Laroche L’Autre Galerie;" Street Camp"-Montreal, Quebec

2006   -The Dirty Show Intnl Erotic Arts Expo, Detroit MI

2005   -Melbourne Stencil Festival -Melbourne, Australia

2004   -MASS MOCA, "The Interventionists" -North Adams, MA